Historic Spaces & Places: Corsicana, Texas

ASH+LIME was brought on as a sub-consultant of Amanda Popken Development for a popup retail and activation event in Corsicana, a quintessential small Texas downtown. ASH+LIME provided various support services related to public participation, code/ordinance research, media outreach, fundraising, and editing. The team conducted extensive outreach to local stakeholders, media contacts, and potential business owners. They coordinated the event and incubated 12 retail stores and two public spaces (a beer garden and dog park). Metrics within four months of starting work included 11 new downtown businesses; regular monthly events in one of the new public spaces, a new window display ordinance; and purchase offers on properties. 


Downtown Activation Plan: Garland, Texas

ASH+LIME worked with the Garland Downtown Business Association (GDBA) to assess the state of their neighborhood. After extensive public engagement, we produced a report recommending forty immediately-implementable projects. This report included detailed guidelines for implementing the five most highly-recommended strategies, which included leadership coaching, marketing, wayfinding, public space activation and cultural events. To our team's knowledge, it was the first action plan of its kind in the United States.


Old Embree Vision Plan: Garland, Texas

ASH + LIME, along with Van Meter Williams Pollack and VERDUNITY, worked with various stakeholders to help re-envision the future of the neighborhood known as Old Embree, immediately east of Downtown Garland. ASH+LIME's contributions focused on branding, complete street reconfigurations, special events, demonstration projects, and industrial “makerspaces." with a goal to reinvigorate a transit-adjacent, but largely under-invested neighborhood. The three-day ‘legacy charrette’ project was part of the Congress for the New Urbanism’s (CNU’s) national conference held in Dallas in 2015. A private developer is currently working with the City to revitalize the section of the neighborhood adjacent to the downtown core.


Downtown/Civic Center Connectivity Plan: Duncanville, Texas

Duncanville, Texas’ civic center includes a library, senior center, police department, elementary school, and large park, all within a quarter-mile walk of its revitalizing commercial downtown. ASH+LIME worked with both the Park and Recreation department and the Library to create a strategy that activates and enhances the town center by improving walkability, wayfinding, and connections to Main Street businesses. The plan re-envisioned the City’s two most important clusters of assets as a single unit.


Eden Hill Farm Master Plan: Dover Delaware

Don Raines (with WRT at the time), was tasked to develop a master plan for a 265 acre tract of farm land one mile west of the Delaware Capital Building in historic Dover, DE.  Don's research took into consideration William Penn's original plan for Dover as an urban grid. He found a parallel for integrating a New Urbanist approach that compliments rather than competes with Dover's original plan dating back to 1683. Design features include long-term residential, public space, commercial and retail centers. Don also retained the family farm’s extended carriageway, dating back to the late 1700s, by incorporating the tree-lined corridor into the overall plan.





Downtown Activation Plan: Grand Prairie, Texas

ASH+LIME consulted with a group of active downtown stakeholders to create a comprehensive activation strategy for Grand Prairie's Main Street.  Our recommendations included pop up retail, sidewalk programming / activation strategies, designs for cost-effective site furnishings and aesthetic enhancements, and features that mitigate impacts between vehicles and pedestrians. Central to the strategy was a series of small projects to ensure that the benefits of upcoming infrastructure investments would be maximized.


Near Southside: Fort Worth, Texas

Currently, the Near Southside of Fort Worth boasts a walkable, extraordinarily-successful restaurant and medical district. However, the Near Southside business improvement district recognized a retail deficiency which created left it somewhat short of a complete mixed-use neighborhood. Conventional retailers were unable to compete with the high rents offered by medical and food/beverage uses, and a different approach was needed. Our firm worked with developer Monte Anderson to host a workshop which coached local small developers on strategies to incorporate unconventional retail into their work.


Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) for Proposed Rail Stations for the Ohio Governor's Office: Cincinnati, Cleveland + Columbus, Ohio

While at CNT, Rik Adamski worked with the State of Ohio Governor’s office to develop strategies to enhance walkability, improve transportation, and develop complete streets for the state’s three largest cities. He helped the state identify the best locations for Transit-Oriented development based on a variety of demographic, land use, and transportation factors. Additionally, he helped to write a multi-million dollar Cincinnati Streetcar grant. 

Fort Leavenworth Master Plan.jpg

Fort Leavenworth Housing Redevelopment Master Plan: Leavenworth, Kansas

Don Raines (with WRT at the time) was tasked with planning the extensive housing redevelopment plan for the US Army military base. At 5,600 acres, Fort Leavenworth has both important military facilities and extensive residential communities that house soldiers and their families. The master plan introduces a series of reconstructed communities to replace older housing.  Originally constructed in 1827, Fort Leavenworth is considered the oldest settlement in Kansas and is still one of the more active posts in the US Army. The Master Plan preserves and honors the history while providing a distinct direction for phased redevelopment.