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Trinity River Corridor & Trinity Lakes Park:
Dallas, Texas

Don Raines (with WRT at the time) was the local lead designer and project coordinator for the Trinity Lakes design team. The team was responsible for developing the Trinity River Corridor Design Guidelines and the 35% design documentation for the 2,300-acre Trinity Lakes Park (update of the Balanced Vision Plan). Trinity Lakes Park, as envisioned, will be the largest public capital investment in Dallas’ history and have a profound positive impact for Dallas and the region for centuries to come.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) - PE / EIS, Green & Orange Lines: Texas

Don Raines (with WRT at the time) was tasked as project manager and lead architect for the preliminary engineering / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) phase of design for DART. His role was to locate, plan and design (to the 20% architectural design level) for 28 DART light rail stations. Don was responsible for developing the site layout plans, determining station types, bus transfer and parking facilities, pedestrian circulation and land parcel envelopes suitable for long term transit oriented development (TOD) considerations.

Trinity River Vision Authority, Panther Island:
Fort Worth, Texas

Don Raines (with Verdunity at the time) initiated and developed a Low-Impact Development design strategy for the future Panther Island Master Plan adjacent to the Trinity River and Downtown Fort Worth. His design illustrates how stormwater is captured into rain harvesting systems, through rain gardens and terraces that utilize extensive biofiltration with a goal of providing clean non-potable water for the proposed canals and lake. This approach places water quality as a prime attraction for the overall master plan, leveraging resiliency and balancing environmental and economic goals.

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Festival City Conceptual Master Plan:
Dubai, UAE.

Don Raines (with Bechtel at the time), was tasked as CAD lead and project urban planner for the 1,130 HA / 2,792 AC 'Festival City' Master Plan in Dubai. The concept is to create a new destination for an estimated population of 47,000 that captures the imagination and generates excitement.  This long-term signature development project is planned to be the largest mixed-use project in the Middle East, featuring 543 HA /1,341 AC of residential development, 300 HA / 741 AC open space, waterways, canals and greenways, a 120 HA / 296 AC Theme Park, 100 HA / 247 AC Conservation Area and 35 HA / 86 AC Business Park. Don had a pioneering and significant role in the evolution of the overall conceptualization of the master plan.