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ReImagine Fair Park, Lagoon Playground: Dallas, Texas

As a follow up on our citizen engagement work for Reimagine Fair Park, ASH+LIME analyzed and digested over 1,000 ideas from various public input sessions. From that feedback, we developed a concept for a natural playground, in the theme of discovery, which would connect the the natural assets of the Leonhardt Lagoon with the educational benefits of the Texas Discovery Gardens. This design response suggests an overall ‘corridor connection’ focusing on a ‘sense of discovery’ - key to childhood development and an appreciation for nature. 

Ninth Street Concept: Garland, Texas

ASH+LIME worked with a developer to redesign an underulitized block of Downtown Garland, supporting an enhanced connection to the nearby Main Street square. The design concept is oriented toward adding private and public gathering spaces, reconfiguring parking, adding bulbouts, improving Main Street walkability, and incorporating rain harvesting strategies. .

Zang Boulevard Property Vision: Dallas,Texas

A local real estate broker and developer hired the ASH+LIME team to assess potential potions for a convening site in Oak Cliff, a Dallas neighborhood, a major intersection for the local streetcar. The firm assessed the zoning and parking requirements and developed designs for a striking four-story flatiron building for the site.

Crawford Memorial Park Master Plan:
Dallas, Texas

Don Raines (with WRT at the time) developed a comprehensive master plan for the 272-acre Crawford Memorial Park, considered the fifth and last ‘signature park’ within the City of Dallas. The master plan suggests a significant transformation of the site that protects and enhances its natural attributes and unique ecosystems. Features include a 45-acre lake, 5.4 miles of trails, conservation areas, a community center, playgrounds, picnic areas, recreation fields, natural excursions, boardwalks, and public art opportunities.

North Beckley Avenue Complete and Green Street Improvements: Dallas, Texas

Don Raines (with WRT at the time) was tasked to work closely with key stakeholders to guide a redesign of an intersection that was widely considered problematic and dangerous. The plan and design responded to these widespread concerns with a demonstrative pilot project which includes a buffered bike lane, rain gardens, pedestrian enhancements, and two sheltered bus stops. It is designed for safe access to the Trinity Trail system. Upon completion in 2017, the Beckley / Commerce intersection will be the first complete and green street project in Dallas.


Central Arlington Heights, Low Impact Development:
Fort Worth, Texas

Don Raines (with VERDUNITY at the time) developed a series of concepts and illustrations that demonstrate Low-Impact development best practices in design. The concepts and illustrations were created as a new precedent for the city of Fort Worth, addressing storm water flooding issues in the Central Arlington Heights neighborhood. Don created a series of parklets to be integrated in residential areas, in conjunction with green street recommendations that introduce rain harvesting systems. The designs transition stormwater infrastructure into community amenities and enhancements.

Fair Park Wayfinding Signage System Plan:
Dallas, Texas

Don Raines (with EBR Graphic Design & Don Raines Urban Design at the time), developed the overall parking and wayfinding signage system for Fair Park in Dallas as a sub consultant to Quimby McCoy Architects. The task included an inventory of existing signage, a study and analysis of deficiencies with visitor navigation and orientation, and design recommendations for a four-part signage system based on vehicular and pedestrian usage. The Wayfinding Plan introduced a four-district concept that compartmentalizes the visitor experience based on the unique characteristics of each district. The design incorporated a diagram of the park with color coded districts, destination signage with icons and space for temporary event signage. The result provides (for the first time), a comprehensive, timeless and user friendly navigation system, enriching the overall visitor experience.