In ancient Rome, ash and lime were the two primary elements of concrete. The Romans discovered that this basic combination allowed them to build great and elaborate cities that served the needs of an enormous empire. The temples, harbors, roads, and stadiums which stand millennia later show the resiliency of these local ingredients. 

Similarly, our approach is rooted in simple elements that create lasting places. The knowledge of how to make cities and towns once passed from generation to generation, for thousands of years. Our work brings timeless principles to the 21st century. 

Our approach is based on proven and achievable methods to activate places where people thrive and sustainable economic growth flourishes. Starting with our authentic appreciation of place, we utilize local resources and engage those who know their environment best to develop a respectful and comprehensive plan. We then simultaneously increase buy-in and empower the community through our unique analysis, activation, and actualization process to increase local enthusiasm and return-on-investment.

You know your city, neighborhood, or building best. No matter the challenge or the location, we plan and design integrated and actionable solutions. Together, we make extraordinary places possible. 




Rik Adamski

Where some see forgotten places, Rik Adamski sees extraordinary opportunities. Rik consulted for several of the most prominent planning organizations in the US before moving to Texas and embracing a more nimble, actionable and participatory approach to developing communities.

Brandon Castillo

Brandon Castillo believes that human experience is the core of urban development. From event production to defining practical urbanism, Brandon has sculpted activation for dozens of neighborhoods across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Monte Anderson, DEVELOPMENT Consultant

Monte Anderson is President of Options Real Estate. He is a 25-year real estate veteran involved in sales, leasing, property management, development, and construction in Southern Dallas and Northern Ellis Counties. Monte is co-founder of the Incremental Development Alliance.





Moira Albanese is an urban planner with expertise in building sustainable urban systems.  Her focus on relational systems design uses policy and the built environment to create social and economic resilience.

Matt lewis

Matt and his team reform city policy to be flexible and predictable. Matt led the planning and development services departments in three of the fastest growing communities in the nation from 2004-2016.

elizabeth baizer raines

Elizabeth is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer who has led the path in way-finding, concept development, and branding.